After a hectic four competition weeks in a row, it was time for some R and R - rest and relaxation.

It’s crazy… last month - with the win; going to Norman, catching them pretty good there. You know, sometimes I realize the baits I have created – how really good they are!

You know Ish’s Phat Frog by Snag Proof; I was catching them at Norman on it. Then the cold front comes through so I switch up to my Biggie Smalls Crankbait in the "I know It" color - everyone should be singing here: “I’m sexy and I know it!”).

And it is just game on! I mean River2Sea and I have done a great job with the Biggie Series Crankbait. SnagProof and I have done just a wonderful job with Ish’s Phat Frogs and I’ve got something coming for you, so look around summertime – you might see a new bait from SnagProof popping up – Ish’s Poppin’ Phattie – and yes, we are calling it the Poppin’ Phattie!

So, it was rest and relaxation for the next week for me. You know, I’m going to get some rest – I’m actually going to sleep in; get some breakfast in me. Along with all of that that relaxation – I’m got myself back in the gym. You know 4 or 5 days this past week I hit the treadmill; lifted some light weights; crunches.

It is hard being on the road and not getting any exercise that you know you need to be in shape to be able to fish another five weeks straight because that is what I have coming up.

So, after my rest and relaxation I will fill you guys in on what went on at Bull Shoals.
Well, as fishing continues after Lake Okeechobee; next was FLW Tour at Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock had the weirdest bed fish EVER. I have never experienced bed fish so weird. Spooky; scary; locked on; that won’t bite. It was just crazy.

But I didn’t fare too well; the interesting note is that I fished right next to one of the guys who finished in the top ten – Jason Christie – the dude’s a super stick – I mean, each day he gets five bites and he catches two big ones.
Each day I get twenty five bites and I catch twenty keepers, but yet he gets five.

You know, the one thing he told me when it was all said and done, that I messed up on, was that he put a punch skirt on his bait and I didn’t do that.

Me, of all people, not putting a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt on my rig!

So, I am here at Lake Norman this week for the BASS Southern Open and yes, I do have a Paycheck Baits Punch Skirt tied on my Missile Baits D Bomb.

So, I will be at it hard. Yes, I know a little dummy move on my part by not doing that. I just won an event using it and I should have went to the next event using it; but I will be at this next event and I will be doing it at Bull Shoals; but you know Norman is one of the lakes I really like; it is a good fishery; has lots of good fish in it; lots of little fish in it. I’ve got to figure out how to catch a few bigger ones; you know one or two better bites goes a long way!

But I’m also looking forward to some R and R, the following week after we head to Bull Shoals.

So, until next week, wish me luck, and I will let you know how things go at Norman and how I am doing on my R and R.
Florida slugfest - what can I say? Florida slugfest.

Actually, half of it was a slugfest. St. John’s didn’t go so well for me; you know, I made some bad mental decisions and it cost me really bad – having the worst finish in my history of tournament fishing – almost last!

But that’s the way it goes sometimes – that's whey they call it fishing and not catching.

But let’s talk about something positive – let’s talk about Okeechobee slugfest smackdown; 30-pound bag – I mean, what more can you ask for? 30 pound bags – the D Bomb was in full effect – dropped bombs on ‘em baby – D Bombs; River2Sea Trash Bomb; Paycheck Baits Bunch Skirt; I even put the D Bomb on a jig and still caught them – it was just game on!

You know, it was catching just so many 7’s and 8’s that I can’t even see straight anymore.

But I’m off FLW Tour at Table Rock and I don’t think it’s going to compare! I mean, nothing else is going to compare to the slugfest at Lake Okeechobee – that lake is back on it’s way back to being the number one lake in the country for bass fishing. It is extremely awesome.

I don’t get too much time to enjoy the win – it is back on the road again; head to Table Rock Lake for the FLW event and then heading to Norman for the BASS Open.

People are probably saying you’re insane – yeah! I am, but I love tournament fishing and I love winning, so the more tournaments you fish, the more opportunities you have to win, so, off to another tournament!

Until next week, have fun, catch some fish and go get yourself some D Bombs!
Well, first tournament down the shoot at Lake Hartwell.

Not a bad finish; I really wanted to fish a little bit better, but hey – caught them on my River2Sea Biggie Crankbait and Bling spinnerbaits.
That spinnerbait is SO awesome – it has that big hook in it. I caught a couple of four pounders that were really key; I just needed ONE more bite to make that top twenty cut.

But, it was still a good finish and off to the first Bassmaster Elite Series event down here at the St. John’s River.

Boy the St. John's River a lot different from last year, there are not as many spawners; so, there is definitely going to be some post spawn fishing going on.
But hey, the Bling Spinnerbait could play a factor; the Phat Frog for sure will definitely play a factor for this week – really good on those post spawners.

It has definitely been interesting.

I have covered; I want to say, about a hundred mile stretch of the three hundred miles of the St. John’s River.

You know, I really thought that punching with the River2Sea Trash Bomb and Missile Baits D Bomb would be a factor, but they have been doing a bunch of spraying here and that hurts the punch bite – but hey, as long as there is a little duck weed I can get my frog going and I think I will be really good to finish; hopefully top twenty in this tournament and have a shot at the win.

So, until next week at Okeechobee where the big sticks will play a factor; I will see you guys then!
Well, as usual – traveling again!

You know, one tournament to the next – the Classic wasn’t so great – but hey, you can’t knock making the Classic; definitely a fun event.

So, on to the next event. It is Lake Hartwell.

But, before that, I had to stop at my buddy Britt Myers shop in North Carolina – C.S. Motor Sports and get myself some new tires for the Cocoon’s ride.
Always a pleasure to go see him and Missy cuz they definitely take care of my truck – they even fixed a few things that I didn’t even know were wrong with it! Got me back and heading to the next event!

But even before I got to Hartwell I flew out of Atlanta to Newark to teach at Bass University which is always a great event as well, to do.

You know, the story of a bass fisherman’s life – work, work, work – with a little time for fishing!

After Hartwell it will be moving on to the next event in Florida; it’s going to be one week after another…five weeks in a row fishing – but hey, there's always stuff to do around the fishing part.

So, until next week…