Well, Sometimes it goes and sometimes it don't... My River2Sea Biggie Poppa crankbait was ON FIRE throughout practice and the first day of the tournament and I really felt like I was going to do very well in that Open and possibly have an opportunity to win it, but Chris Lane did a great job and smoked everybody!

But I am really excited about Biggie Crank, you know, it is going to be pretty awesome. It is one of those crank baits that I mean, I can wind it as hard as I want and it will still run straight. The colors are hot – I’m just super excited about it.

Got to shoot some video with it – that and Bling; my new spinnerbait – you’ll get to see that coming soon from River2Sea. That was pretty awesome. We got on another lake down in Florida and caught a bunch of different fish on it so, I am really excited about the bait for the upcoming tournament season.
So, besides shooting video on my newest baits and fishing a tournament there really hasn’t been too much else going on.

Got my Lithium batteries installed on my boat from the Smart Battery guys. Pretty excited about those too; those worked really well over the course of the last two weeks and I don’t think you can run ‘em down! I’ve tried hard to run those things down. And it’s pretty incredible!

So, Mike Dean at Moto-Stop is building me a custom box for ‘em; these things are going to fit in my boat. I mean, my three trolling motor batteries are a total of like 90 pounds which is taking like 2/3 of the weight out of the boat.
Which means, my Z521 Ranger is going to run a whole lot faster!

Home for a week; gotta get stuff done with Uncle Sam; you know, taxes, everybody’s favorite time of year! I gotta get that done and move forward on to what’s going to happen for this season.

So, other than that, talk to you guys next week. See you later.