Prep time – yes, lots of prep time.

Thanksgiving is over; gotta prep for the season before Christmas hits. And maybe squeeze in just a little Christmas shopping.

Just trying to get everything ready to go; you know, the boats and motors are starting to come in; the tackle; all the Daiwa Steez equipment is starting to come in and I mean I am really excited about next season so I have been prepping everything.

Just got a box load of Simms outerwear and innerwear; you’ve got to layer; you definitely have to layer in this cold season.

So, is it really going to be that cold in Florida? Could be, but hopefully not, you know it has been nice down there.

Prepping for Ultimate Match Fishing in a week so I will be down there doing that and I am really excited about that; especially about the guys that I am fishing against –hmm, have to put a whoopin’ on them!

Also, you know, just making sure that everything is ready for the season; all my tackle is pretty much done, just have some things coming in – some new baits for next year, a lot of the new products are starting to hit the boat and the truck so, I am really fired up about that.

Making sure my truck is prepared; so a lot of preparation time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, because, you know, right after Christmas I am on the road again! I think I'll sing… ”On the road again…”

And so, heading to Florida to fish the first BASS Southern Open, you know? Try to get an early Classic berth for 2013 at Grand Lake, which is one of my favorite lakes.

So, if you get a chance, check out; check out and get some new gear!

Alright – talk to you later! Bye

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Yo, yo, yo – holidays time!

But in the holidays – time for time off – it just doesn’t seem like that for me.
I’ve had a lot going on – yeah - Fish and Chips in Oklahoma on Grand Lake where the 2013 Classic is going to be. Super excited about that cuz I won the fishing side of Fish and Chips! Went out there and pretty much cracked ‘em!

I just had a phenomenal week; I was able to catch them on a buzz bait and catch them on just a little bit of everything. It was a real fun tournament!

But then the Poker side of it, got a bad seat. What is a guy supposed to do when he flops trips? Trips duces; I was on the big line; I had to play it. Flop trips – you gotta bet it; that’s the way it goes with poker!

Get a full boat at the end – I’m all in and the guy gets a bigger boat. He has kings over nines and I have kings over deuces and it is just that deep. So, Fish and Chips – great event; great week. I had lots of fun; caught a lot of fish won the fishing side and then on the poker side I bomb-badiered!

The following week, moved on to Major League Fishing – awesome – awesome event! I am so excited about when it comes out on Pay Per View!

I felt emotions that I haven’t felt in a long in tournament bass fishing – so there’s a LOT of good stuff there! I am really excited about it and I am going to watch the Pay Per View in January. Maybe I can see some of the things that the other guys are feeling out there because it is a pretty good deal!

And then there is this week – HOME! Yeah, it’s been A LOT crazy – not just a little bit. Getting boats ordered; getting tackle ready; ordering Power Poles; Yamaha outboards. We’re talking Bob’s jack plates; Lowrance Electronics - we’re talking lots and lots of stuff.

Team Bass ADX seems to be rockin’. You know, all the great dealers out there have been ordering so they are stocking up so you guys can stock up. You can check out the sweatshirts – they are “pretty” as some guys would say. The long sleeve shirts and the beanies for the winter time; you gotta stay warm, so check out the Team Bass ADX gear and this week is turkey week and I will fill you in on what I have going then, so good luck; happy fishing and happy holidays!

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Work, work, work! Story of my life!

Anybody that says that hard work doesn’t pay off, has never worked hard, because hard work really does pay off.

Remember that company that I talked about that’s coming out, that new soft plastic company? Well, I signed a deal with them. I am super duper excited to be working with them.

I also worked on a couple of other deals that I’ve got lined up and I got one of those closed, so I’ll be adding a few new sponsors this year, along with SIMMS and River2Sea. You know, things have been great!

Really, really excited about the soft plastics deal though because they’re going to give me a lot of discretion on coming up and designing baits and that makes me excited to get exactly what I want along with the great baits that they have out already.

Preparing for next week – Fish and Chips and then Major League Fishing and then cleaning out my garage and starting on my tackle for 2012; boats are ordered; Yamahas are ordered, ahh, what else?

Gosh, got some new Daiwa products; some new T3 reels have just made it over to the States. I’m really excited about those. Yeah, we’ll be calling it The Terminator all right, because it is going to catch bass.

I did a SIMMS Delta Day last week out there, seeing all the new SIMMS products and the rain gear. If you haven’t checked that stuff out; I know it’s a little pricey, but, you get what you pay for – the highest quality to keep you dry out there.

I’m really excited about the flip flops and the underwear and everything that they have for cold weather and warm weather too. You know, get you out there fishing and keep you comfortable; so you get a chance to check out the SIMMS gear!

Other than that, busy, busy, busy.

Fish and Chips next week and then Major League Fishing and I will give you an update on how fishing goes for Fish and Chips.

Talk to you next week.

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Interesting week – it seems like it’s been kind of slow, but in actually been kind of busy. The season is over with and it is time for preparations for 2012; you know, getting all the new products in and testing new prototype products to maybe have an edge up on the guys next year. Got some great new things coming out for River2Sea; hopefully my new Poppin’ Frog for Snag Proof. I mean there are a lot of different things that we’re testing and I think we are getting them right!

Other than that, you know, ordering boats and motors and electronics and rods and reels; you know, just making sure that you have everything set going into November. Hopefully this December I can actually take a vacation and spend some time not thinking about tournament bass fishing.

Other than that, it’s just been lots of paperwork day to day; you know, Team Bass ADX has me going and shipping products to Tackle Warehouse and places like that; you know, taking care of those guys because you know, they do a great job selling our product. So if you get a chance, go to Tackle and check out the Team Bass ADX gear.

I got a little bit of fishing in at the Delta. It is just going to become one of the premier flipping places in the country. Flipped some big ones last week, had a bag in the mid twenties. So, yeah, I got in a day of fishing; which is pretty cool and that is about it until next week.

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is a new soft plastic company starting up and I am very excited about it – new shapes and colors that they are doing are just crazy and I am so excited about it. People will freak when they see what is coming out. I really can’t give too much detail on it or disclose the deal or show anything yet, but, look out for what’s coming!

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I had a couple of days off over the weekend and it felt great! But it is time to get ready for the 2012 season. Even though I still have a couple of events left with Major League Fishing and Ultimate Match Fishing and Fish ‘n Chips put on by Mark Jeffrey’s from

But it is time to get started; for placing orders – I just placed my order for the new Daiwa Ballistic rods and T 3 Reels and pretty excited because a couple of boxes just showed up from River2Sea with all the good products that they have, you know the Bubble Pops and the Trash Bombs. I’m just super dooper excited about getting all that stuff that will wind up in my boxes!

And so, I will pretty much be working on business stuff. Had a great meeting with Cocoon Eyewear – talking with them about some new products that are coming out and the boat wrap design for next season; things have been really super dooper busy here lately.

So, like I said, business as usual, looking forward to talking with Lowrance and meeting with them; seeing if there are any new products coming up.
And then, you know, getting fired up for the whole season.

I’m thinking that I might get in a little bit of salmon fishing while I have a little bit of time off; how much I love the salt water, or just fishing for anything other than bass sometimes is just the same amount of fun!

So, until next week – good fishin’!

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