Hughson, California
 Former Occupation Boat salesman, car salesman, UPS loader
5' 11''
210 lbs.

Angling Stuff

Angling Hero

Larry Nixon and Kevin VanDam - "Nixon was stomping everybody when I was getting into it, and he was a worm fisherman. VanDam's confidence is incredible."

Home Lake

California Delta and Clear Lake (CA)

Favorite Lake

California Delta and Clear Lake (CA) - "I love them both equally."

Least Favorite Lake

Lake Hamilton (Ark.) - "It's crowded, it's small and it gets pounded too hard."

Favorite Technique

Flipping mats - "Any bite could be a double-digit fish."

Primary Fishing Strength


Secondary Fishing Strength


Biggest Weakness

Fishing slow


Ranger Z21


Yamaha VF250LA SHO

Tow Vehicle (Sponsor)

Chevy 2500 Duramax Desiel crewcab pickup

Personal Stuff

Favorite Food


Favorite Music


Favorite Book/Movie

The Outsiders (book)/Bad Boys 2 (movie)

Non-Angling Hero

Dad – "He taught me so much about life and how to be successful."

When Not Fishing

"I'm always fishing. I like to fish for anything. Carp, bluegill, crappie – as long as I'm fishing I'm happy."

Why He Fishes

"Because I love it. For me it's the purest thing in the world. I'd rather fish than do anything."