Photo by: B.A.S.S. / Seigo Saito > Day 2: 5, 16-11 (10, 32-01) Ish Monroe is one of the best frog anglers in the sport and there’s no bait he’d rather be throwing, especially when he’s caught 50 largemouth a day for the first two days of competition. He was happy and surprised with his weight today. 

“I felt like I could have an opportunity at 15 (pounds) a day," he said. "I just had a little bit of a better day by adding some 3 1/2- and 3 3/4-pound fish."

Should Monroe eventually win the event, he’s got quite a story to tell the crowd.

“I missed my turn to the spot that I was going to start at and got right up on a sand bar," he recalled. "I pushed my boat up off and was so tired I just put my trolling motor down and took a break. I looked up and saw an area like what I’ve been fishing and caught a limit in 10 minutes."

The spot he fished on day 1 was 1 1/2 iles from the spot on the sand bar so he just fished his way there, which took him until 1 p.m. because he was catching so many fish.

Upon arriving at his spot today that he’d found in pre-fish, they’d moved 50 yards, but once he located them, the flurry continued.

“They have highways for these fish to come in and with these current conditions, they are filtering to these areas,” he said.

He’s cautiously optimistic and vows that he's “just going fishing and not putting too much on it. For some reason, when I do that I fish better,” he added.

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