> Day 2: 5, 24-10 (10, 43-09) Monroe made a couple of late culls to boost his bag to day-best status.

"I got lucky at the end," he said. "I was right at 20 pounds when I left my area to go pre-fish and I ended up catching a 4 and a 5 just practicing."

He went through about 15 keepers, the biggest of which was a 7-pounder. He didn't lose any that would've aided his cause.

Like Cherry, he was all alone in his primary locale. He's throwing a River2Sea jig and a Missible Baits creature bait.

"I saw one guy today who was in the same creek I was, but he was nowhere near me, and I saw Matt Herren for a brief moment on day 1 in one of my backup spots. Other than that, there's nobody around."

He thinks he'll need two bags that at least approach the one he caught today in order to have a shot at the win.

"Catching 20 pounds 2 days in a row is possible, but more than that is hard – everything has to go right. If I have 20 tomorrow, I'm going to put the hammer down and try to catch a giant bag.

"I left my area at 11:30 today. If I'd stayed 3 more hours and caught one more big one, who knows ..." Full Story