I'm back to doing prep for 2013: mind, body and tackle prep – that’s what the fall is all about.

Just got back from Major League Fishing in Florida– you know, we got hit by big Sandy out there – she was pretty harsh on the boys out there on the East Coast.

But, other than that, I have been back at home in the gym as much as I possibly can for preparation of the body; spending a lot of time working on tackle – getting all my baits together because I am going to be running two Ranger 25c's next year with Yamaha 250SHOs on them. So I have to double up on my tackle – and that is getting all the tackle prepped.

Hey, just spending some time on the internet prepping for next year mentally; you know, looking at the lakes; looking at past conditions; thinking about future conditions – getting the head ready to go out there and do well on tour, because if you do your mind, body and tackle prep getting ready for the next season, you’re pretty much going to have a good season out there. If you don’t prep yourself, you don’t know what you are going to encounter and you can have a really bad season.

So, like they say about luck, it is preparation meeting opportunity – and if my preparation is good and the opportunity arises – then I guess I am going to be lucky.

So, until next time, good fishing and remember – always have fun! Visit me on my website