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Prep Time

Prep time – yes, lots of prep time.

Thanksgiving is over; gotta prep for the season before Christmas hits. And maybe squeeze in just a little Christmas shopping.

Just trying to get everything ready to go; you know, the boats and motors are starting to come in; the tackle; all the Daiwa Steez equipment is starting to come in and I mean I am really excited about next season so I have been prepping everything.

Just got a box load of Simms outerwear and innerwear; you’ve got to layer; you definitely have to layer in this cold season.

So, is it really going to be that cold in Florida? Could be, but hopefully not, you know it has been nice down there.

Prepping for Ultimate Match Fishing in a week so I will be down there doing that and I am really excited about that; especially about the guys that I am fishing against –hmm, have to put a whoopin’ on them!

Also, you know, just making sure that everything is ready for the season; all my tackle is pretty much done, just have some things coming in – some new baits for next year, a lot of the new products are starting to hit the boat and the truck so, I am really fired up about that.

Making sure my truck is prepared; so a lot of preparation time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, because, you know, right after Christmas I am on the road again! I think I'll sing… ”On the road again…”

And so, heading to Florida to fish the first BASS Southern Open, you know? Try to get an early Classic berth for 2013 at Grand Lake, which is one of my favorite lakes.

So, if you get a chance, check out; check out and get some new gear!

Alright – talk to you later! Bye

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Holiday TIme

Yo, yo, yo – holidays time!

But in the holidays – time for time off – it just doesn’t seem like that for me.
I’ve had a lot going on – yeah - Fish and Chips in Oklahoma on Grand Lake where the 2013 Classic is going to be. Super excited about that cuz I won the fishing side of Fish and Chips! Went out there and pretty much cracked ‘em!

I just had a phenomenal week; I was able to catch them on a buzz bait and catch them on just a little bit of everything. It was a real fun tournament!

But then the Poker side of it, got a bad seat. What is a guy supposed to do when he flops trips? Trips duces; I was on the big line; I had to play it. Flop trips – you gotta bet it; that’s the way it goes with poker!

Get a full boat at the end – I’m all in and the guy gets a bigger boat. He has kings over nines and I have kings over deuces and it is just that deep. So, Fish and Chips – great event; great week. I had lots of fun; caught a lot of fish won the fishing side and then on the poker side I bomb-badiered!

The following week, moved on to Major League Fishing – awesome – awesome event! I am so excited about when it comes out on Pay Per View!

I felt emotions that I haven’t felt in a long in tournament bass fishing – so there’s a LOT of good stuff there! I am really excited about it and I am going to watch the Pay Per View in January. Maybe I can see some of the things that the other guys are feeling out there because it is a pretty good deal!

And then there is this week – HOME! Yeah, it’s been A LOT crazy – not just a little bit. Getting boats ordered; getting tackle ready; ordering Power Poles; Yamaha outboards. We’re talking Bob’s jack plates; Lowrance Electronics - we’re talking lots and lots of stuff.

Team Bass ADX seems to be rockin’. You know, all the great dealers out there have been ordering so they are stocking up so you guys can stock up. You can check out the sweatshirts – they are “pretty” as some guys would say. The long sleeve shirts and the beanies for the winter time; you gotta stay warm, so check out the Team Bass ADX gear and this week is turkey week and I will fill you in on what I have going then, so good luck; happy fishing and happy holidays!

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Work, Work, Work

Work, work, work! Story of my life!

Anybody that says that hard work doesn’t pay off, has never worked hard, because hard work really does pay off.

Remember that company that I talked about that’s coming out, that new soft plastic company? Well, I signed a deal with them. I am super duper excited to be working with them.

I also worked on a couple of other deals that I’ve got lined up and I got one of those closed, so I’ll be adding a few new sponsors this year, along with SIMMS and River2Sea. You know, things have been great!

Really, really excited about the soft plastics deal though because they’re going to give me a lot of discretion on coming up and designing baits and that makes me excited to get exactly what I want along with the great baits that they have out already.

Preparing for next week – Fish and Chips and then Major League Fishing and then cleaning out my garage and starting on my tackle for 2012; boats are ordered; Yamahas are ordered, ahh, what else?

Gosh, got some new Daiwa products; some new T3 reels have just made it over to the States. I’m really excited about those. Yeah, we’ll be calling it The Terminator all right, because it is going to catch bass.

I did a SIMMS Delta Day last week out there, seeing all the new SIMMS products and the rain gear. If you haven’t checked that stuff out; I know it’s a little pricey, but, you get what you pay for – the highest quality to keep you dry out there.

I’m really excited about the flip flops and the underwear and everything that they have for cold weather and warm weather too. You know, get you out there fishing and keep you comfortable; so you get a chance to check out the SIMMS gear!

Other than that, busy, busy, busy.

Fish and Chips next week and then Major League Fishing and I will give you an update on how fishing goes for Fish and Chips.

Talk to you next week.

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Off Season Usual

Interesting week – it seems like it’s been kind of slow, but in actually been kind of busy. The season is over with and it is time for preparations for 2012; you know, getting all the new products in and testing new prototype products to maybe have an edge up on the guys next year. Got some great new things coming out for River2Sea; hopefully my new Poppin’ Frog for Snag Proof. I mean there are a lot of different things that we’re testing and I think we are getting them right!

Other than that, you know, ordering boats and motors and electronics and rods and reels; you know, just making sure that you have everything set going into November. Hopefully this December I can actually take a vacation and spend some time not thinking about tournament bass fishing.

Other than that, it’s just been lots of paperwork day to day; you know, Team Bass ADX has me going and shipping products to Tackle Warehouse and places like that; you know, taking care of those guys because you know, they do a great job selling our product. So if you get a chance, go to Tackle and check out the Team Bass ADX gear.

I got a little bit of fishing in at the Delta. It is just going to become one of the premier flipping places in the country. Flipped some big ones last week, had a bag in the mid twenties. So, yeah, I got in a day of fishing; which is pretty cool and that is about it until next week.

Oh, and I almost forgot. There is a new soft plastic company starting up and I am very excited about it – new shapes and colors that they are doing are just crazy and I am so excited about it. People will freak when they see what is coming out. I really can’t give too much detail on it or disclose the deal or show anything yet, but, look out for what’s coming!

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Business as Usual

I had a couple of days off over the weekend and it felt great! But it is time to get ready for the 2012 season. Even though I still have a couple of events left with Major League Fishing and Ultimate Match Fishing and Fish ‘n Chips put on by Mark Jeffrey’s from

But it is time to get started; for placing orders – I just placed my order for the new Daiwa Ballistic rods and T 3 Reels and pretty excited because a couple of boxes just showed up from River2Sea with all the good products that they have, you know the Bubble Pops and the Trash Bombs. I’m just super dooper excited about getting all that stuff that will wind up in my boxes!

And so, I will pretty much be working on business stuff. Had a great meeting with Cocoon Eyewear – talking with them about some new products that are coming out and the boat wrap design for next season; things have been really super dooper busy here lately.

So, like I said, business as usual, looking forward to talking with Lowrance and meeting with them; seeing if there are any new products coming up.
And then, you know, getting fired up for the whole season.

I’m thinking that I might get in a little bit of salmon fishing while I have a little bit of time off; how much I love the salt water, or just fishing for anything other than bass sometimes is just the same amount of fun!

So, until next week – good fishin’!

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Oneida Felt Great

Well, Phat Frog in the house! I had a great week at Oneida winning the Bassmaster Northern Open; it is SO awesome! It is so hard to explain getting on a good frog bite and a good River2Sea Trash Bomb bite. You know, it was completely insane. In three days, I guarantee you; I caught one hundred bass during the actual tournament event. You know, the Snag Proof Phat Frog was in full effect; Poppa Midnight, caught some on Crystal; caught some on Platinum Plus. I mean, it was just UNBELIEVABLE!

The bass were schooling in the grass beds and then I could flip some out of the grass beds; it was just completely insane, just so hard to describe, but it also feels great; you know, to get another win under my belt. First B.A.S.S. Open win which, hopefully, there will be more along with some Elite Series and Angler of the Year and all that good stuff!

But, back on the road again this week, heading back to Cali; got lots of business to take care of; many different things going on and I will probably have some interesting news coming up for you folks in the next few weeks.

And then next week I will be home working and I will try to squeeze in a little fishing – heard the Cal Delta bite is pretty good; Flippin’ and Punchin’ on the Delta; maybe even Clear Lake; heard fishing has been pretty good there too, so, looking forward to getting home and getting some things done.

I also won a boat at the event, so if anybody is looking for a boat – let me know!

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In North Country

Well, what can I say? I’m out there fishing again and I’m really happy to be fishing again.

You know, the life of a tournament angler is rough sometimes; staying home for a month and a half and working on sponsorship stuff, then have to get out and fish at a high level.

You know, it’s pretty much work on the sponsorship side of things, which is not always a bunch of fun. But, I’m back to the fishing again.
Lake Champlain was last week with FLW, and this week it’s a B.A.S.S. Northern Open on Oneida Lake.

Things have been pretty interesting lately, I got kind of stir crazy just kind of hanging out and wanting to do something so, I’m back out fishing; back on the road.

Again, 3500 miles one way; the trip wasn’t so much fun; but overall, it’s nice to be back on the road ; going up north; catch some of those northern bass that love the PHAT frog and you can definitely Punch them on the one and half ounce River2Sea Trash Bomb. So, I am really excited about that; other than that, just keeping things going with the clothing line and TEAM BASS ADX, we are getting a woman’s line there so we’ll hopefully have that ready by spring of next year.

I’ve been working on getting my head ready for the Classic and the things that I need to do to be ready for the Red River. I may even go out and practice the Classic now and then. I’ll be heading back home after my little northern swing, then I will be home for a while; time to sort things out and get the Ranger Boat ordered and ready for next year.

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Tourneys Ahead

All I can say is, on the road again, packing for Lake Champlain and B.A.S.S. Open on Oneida. So next week, not this Sunday but next Sunday, I will be on Lake Champlain practicing for the FLW Tournament.

I’m actually excited about it, ready to get back on the water and fish a tournament and try to capitalize on it and make some money! Right after that on the fifth is the BASS Open. I know I can’t qualify for the Classic through the current rules, but at the same time I am already qualified, so that is good.

I have been working on Team Bass ADX Gear getting into some new stores: Gone Fishin’ Marine in Dixon, where I just did a seminar for them; Angler’s Marine – did a seminar for them too. I’m also working on some new clothing designs; Ike Wear and the Crews Line with John Crews, so a lot of things are going on!

I have been out doing a little bit of fishing and filming some video and fishing on those has been okay and the frog bite has been alright, so life has been kinda grand; catching them on a frog and punching them on the punch baits so not much else there to say.

I’m really looking forward to those two tournaments and from there I will be heading back home to hopefully finalize sponsorship stuff and hopefully be ready for the 2012 season!

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Work is Never Done

Work is Never Done

Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean a Professional Angler’s work is done for the year. Now I’ve been on the road as usual, getting things done; visiting with sponsors, I went to the Ranger factory – and I sold my boat; taking care of business out on the road trying to promote Team Bass ADX and just kinda also still having fun.

I haven’t been getting much fishing in because I’ve been busy with promotional work. I did the FINS Seminar at Angler’s Marine the Santee, Calif. store. Angler’s Marine is SoCal’s largest Ranger Boats dealer and they do a large amount of tackle sales each year too.

After FINS then I did a Fisherman’s Warehouse top water seminar there and then to the 10th Annual Snag Proof on the California Delta - to work, not fish, which I think sucks! But, you know it wouldn’t be fair because you know, for me to go out and win the thing on my PHAT frog; yeah, it wouldn’t be fair.
But as you can see, a Professional Angler’s work is never done. And then hopefully, after that get some R and R, but at the same time still hit the gym; you know, four to five days a week, cuz you gotta be in prime shape, especially going in to the 2012 Bassmaster Classic.

Also, if you guys haven’t heard that I’ve signed with two new sponsors.
The first one is River2Sea which I’m really excited about because they are letting me design some new hard baits that I think are really gonna catch ‘em in the upcoming years. The manufacturing capabilities of River2Sea are tremendous, and along with new stuff we’re working on; they’ve got a great product line.

And then I also signed with SIMMS Outer Wear, so yes, I have Team Bass ADX gear, but SIMMS Outer Wear is the stuff that keeps me covered up when it rains and when I’m out there on the water and it’s a little cold and misty.

So that’s pretty much it on my end, if you get a chance, check out the Team Bass ADX Gear and see you next time!

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In the Classic

Wheeler Wrap Up

I’ve got to tell you that it feels really good to make the Bassmaster Classic.

I finished in the Elite 12 at Wheeler Lake last weekend and it was my fourth top 12 finish in the last five Elite Series tournaments. It was the kind of run that I had been wanting to get on for a while; I’ve had good tournaments, and some difficult ones over the past couple of years, but this was a roll that I really enjoyed.

So far…

I’ve got ICAST coming up in a couple of weeks, and I’ll be there for Snag Proof, Lowrance and Daiwa; meeting with the media and business in general.
The Elite Series season is over, but I’m going to keep fishing. I’m on my way home to spend some time on the Delta and get back to throwing the Phat Frog and Punch and keep myself in fishing mode until I can get to the U.S. Open or the Pickwick Lake FLW Tour event. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to fish yet, but it will be one of them.

Back to Wheeler; I really fished two different ways. When I knew I needed a solid check to make the Classic; I went to the bank; picked up the Steez XBD Frog Rod; Zillion Type R reel spooled with 55-pound Daiwa Samurai braid and my Snag Proof Phat Frog in Papa Midnight Color.

I got an 11-14 limit on day one and wound up in 38th place. I did the same thing on day two and caught a 12-5 limit and moved up four places. On day three; figuring I had made the cut; I caught another 12 pound limit on the Phat Frog and then took a gamble.

At 11:00 I went offshore, and picked up a deep crankbait and a big flutter spoon and culled them all out. The crankbait was my buddy John Crews’ Little John DD in Nasty Shad color on an 7’2” Steez Fle-X-lite rod with a 4.9:1 Zillion Crazy Cranker reel and 10-pound-test Maxima Fluorocarbon and I threw a 5” Big Joe Lake Fork Spoon on an 8’ Steez Compile X rod and the Zillion Type R reel with 20-pound-test Maxima Fluorocarbon.

By 11:30 I had culled out all of my fish; including a four pounder that I had caught on the Phat Frog that morning. I ended up with 22 pounds in the livewell of my Ranger Z521, and the warm water caused a couple of them to die; so I went back to the ramp early to check in and take care of my fish.

It turned out to be a good week; I had a lot of fun, and I’m really happy with my 4th place finish. Like I said; it was my fourth top 12 of the season, and only three of us did that this year. KVD had five of them and Alton Jones and I did four times; that’s pretty good company.

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Still Running

Fourth quarter and we are down to the two minute warning!

Two more Bassmaster events left to go; I have finished the FLW Tour event on the Red River where I was running 180 miles round trip and the FLW Tour Open on the Potomac. My Ranger Z52 and my Yamaha SHO got me there and got me back, had no problems there.

Fishing was a little tough, I found a little area where I could catch 8 pounds a day… strong! – 180 miles to catch 8 pounds a day, but hey, it got me paying rent, that’s all that really matters.

I had to work the U.S.Collegiate Bass Championship this week for Yamaha for a couple of days on my way to the Potomac. Where I was hoping it to make up for the Red River to catch them big on the Snag Proof Phat Frog and go flippin’ and punchin’ you know, punch skirt, punch hook and braided line; so I was lookin’ forward to that. I had a decent first day, but not so much on the second day, and finished out of the money.

By the time you read this, I’ll be on the Arkansas River at the Elite Series event and I will fill you guys in on it next week.

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Third Place at West Point

Can I get a “Woo, Woo!”??!! For a third place finish at West Point!!

Things are starting to come together! Starting to feel good about my fishing, but most importantly I am having fun.

Out there sporting my Team Bass ADX hat, enjoying the day, we are at Lake Murray and I’m listening to Sirius XM Radio on my Lowrance Sonic Hub, bumpin’ - just having fun. You know, this is what it’s all about.

Pretty much looking forward to Murray, lots of big fish, just got to put them in the boat. Things are going really, really good.

I Feel good about my fishing, so hopefully everything comes together and then we’re off to the Red River which is flooding a little bit, but things are great right now.

Feeling good, fishing good, and gotta have a sandwich from the lunch lady and we’ll be working things out ‘til next week.

So, I'll talk to you guys then. Until then, visit me on the web at:

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Another Marathon

Well, we are still fishin’!

Fished Mark’s Outdoor Tournament last week and that’s insane! Five hundred fifty boats and I finished 20th which was decent, okay? You know, I wanted to win, but that’s the way things go. So, I’ll take top twenties for the rest of my life in my career and you know throw a win in there every once in a while, I would really be good with that.

Off to West Point Lake!

Fish are in a lot of different modes, it’s kinda weird, there are not a lot of bed fish, there are a few here and there, post spawn fish, seems like there might even be some pre spawn fish and they are not really acting different so fishing is obviously evolving and you have to do something and you have to change with it!

I’m really looking forward to the tournament, hopefully I can keep the momentum going from catching that giant, 10.15 almost call it 11, one ounce, what’s one ounce? Well once ounce could be a million dollars for somebody. That could be the difference in winning a tournament or not winning a tournament. Look at Dean Rojas; he could have tied with one ounce!

But, looking forward to it.

Murray, swim bait bite; really looking forward to that especially with the new Rago Baits.

Team Bass ADX is goin’ really good, starting to get some stores out in the South and the East Coast which is great, but, you know, go out and get you a shirt or a hat or a sweatshirt or something like that and enjoy it!

Team Bass ADX Gear

And as we say; on to the next one; I will talk to you guys next week.

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Last Minute Heroics

Elite 12 at Toledo Bend

Finally, a fourth day cut thanks to a 10-pound-15-ounce largemouth that I caught with five minutes left on day two, and I made it back to check-in with 1.1 seconds to spare before I would have been late. Let me say that again; not one minute and one second, but 1.1 seconds left when I checked in.

You know, I was a little frustrated after the first day because I didn’t have such a good day; I lost a good one on a swimbait, but that can happen when you’re throwing swimbaits. I tried to put it together for day two, but the wind made it kind of frustrating with gust up to 35 miles an hour, and by the end of the day, I only had three fish in the boat.

I decided to go try and finish the day out on this one little area that I found on my Navionics chip that showed a roadbed clearly on my Lowrance HDS unit. The great thing about the combination of Lowrance and Navionics is that any place I go to I can almost feel like a local because a lot of those special, locals only, hidden hot spots are right there on my HDS screen

I was fishing along the road bed, and I came across these old pilings there, like an old dock used to be there. I pitched a Berkley Power Lizard in there with my 7’1” heavy action Daiwa Steez Compile X rod and 20-pound-test Maxima Fluorocarbon. I got a bite, and set the hook into what was a heavy fish. The fish was obviously in some sort of cover and was sawing me back and forth.
We were playing tug –o-war for a little while when I decided I was going to have to break her off in the cover. I pointed my Steez rod right at her and pulled hard, trying to break the line; but, the Maxima Fluorocarbon held strong and I pulled her out of the cover instead. She came right to the surface and laid there; exhausted.

I figured she was about eight pounds and I thought I still needed one more fish to make the top 50 cut; so I fished for a couple more minutes. I finally put everything down and took off for the check-in. The waves got really big because of the wind, but my RangerZ521 and Yamaha VMAX SHO 250 really put on a show getting me back.

When I pulled into the check in, I looked at the clock on my Lowrance and it said 4:30, then as I looked at it again, it said 4:31. I looked at the check in guy and gave him a thumbs up to see if I’d made it; when he gave me the thumbs up back; I knew I had made it.

When I was bagging my fish, I looked at the big one again and realized she might be a little bigger than eight pounds, and that I might have 16 pounds or so for my four fish. It turned out that she weighed almost 11 pounds and I had 19 pounds which moved me up into position to make the third day cut.

I went out the next day and fished hard and caught 16-pounds to make the day four cut; which was really good because my confidence level had started to become really low. But, this finish helped put me in a position to be able to fish well over the next four events and make the Classic. The lakes we’re going to make me feel like I’ve got a good shot, especially Lake Murray because the last time we went there, I finished in the top 10.

So, I’m stopping at the Arkansas River to pre practice, then I’m on to Table Rock for the Bassmaster Central Open. See ya.

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Lanier to Pickwick

Week number five on the seven week stretch was at Lake Lanier for the PAA. Should have been an excellent tournament but you know how it goes; we always bring the worst weather possible.

I went from sight fishing and 80 degrees in to freezing cold and raining so it pulled all the fish off bed and has them in a real funky mood. You know I was really looking forward to the frog bite and swimbait bites on some big old spotty bass.

Lanier was almost like a West Coast reunion; Papa Mur Dog John Murray, Spin to Win Aaron Martens Justin Kerr, Rusty Salewske; B. Hite is here; Big dog Brett Hite.

Lanier turned out to be a light line event, but I’m looking forward to get back the frogs, flipping sticks and swimbaits next week at Pickwick and then Toledo Bend.

Let’s talk about April; April is a great month, and when the fish start biting, start spawning, they get up shallow and then you get cold fronts like we did on Lake Lanier last week. But, then now we hit April where the weather starts out being real nice down here on Pickwick Lake and I’m pretty excited about that.

I wanted to say I’m really excited about the cover of Bassmaster this month, that’s pretty exciting here for me, I even got my Team Bass Adx hat on there; which everyone should be sporting one.

I’m just getting off the water; yeah a little early I know, but the one thing is this new Lowrance Sirius weather I have on my HDS unit is awesome. It told me about the thunderstorm and the possible tornados that are coming in here at Pickwick Lake and it allowed me to get off the water early to avoid the dangerous weather.

But, fish were biting, I’m getting really excited because I get to fish shallow. Of course I was catching some of them with my frogs, some of them flipping and on a spinnerbait and a Chatterbait. Things look really good and I hope to go out this week and really whack ’em.

I got a little bluegill here from Jerry Rago that I’m really looking forward to throw on Toledo Bend, especially because they are going be on the spawn and post spawn so I’ll defiantly be reeling that blue gill through some of those beds and that should jack me up a couple of giants. So if you haven’t got your Jerry Rago bluegill them you better go out get your Jerry Rago bluegills because you’re going to need them.

Other than that got my truck looking all pretty fired up and things are good. Hope to catch them this week, wish me luck and see you guys next week.

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Week 4 of the Marathon

Week four of the marathon run of the seven weeks straight; week four of seven; crazy! Not really that burnt out not really tired, I’m just fishing, having fun. I had an okay finish last week, not a great finish and I dumped a 10 pounder; no big deal; you know what, actually it is a huge deal. I don’t know if I’d rather break up with my girlfriend than lose a 10 pounder. It hurts more to lose a 10 pounder than break up with my girlfriend which is probably why I don’t have a girlfriend.

But anyways on to Hartwell, another sight fish tournament. Hopefully I can put the big ones in the boat this week. You know I have a couple little tricks up my sleeve, all the sight fishing I’m going to do, and I would have to say; key word, Jerry Rago; the key word is Jerry Rago; wait that’s two words.

So that’s going to be the plan doing a little bit of that along with sight fishing and hope that I get a good finish this week. And then probably going to head to the PAA at Lake Lanier for yet another sight fishing deal, but I just keep rolling along in the Cocoons rig.

Oh, forgot to tell you guys something there was a slight fender bender with John Crews, oh yea, I figured if I just took the competition out of the game. I hit his boat, no big deal, service crew got it all fixed up and I’m heading to CS motor sports next week to get fixed up so I look fresh and clean on the road, and I’m going to go fishing.

So, I’m off to the next one.

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Throw the Book Out

Fish with Ish - Throw the Book Out

Well, we’re in week three of what I’m calling the marathon trail of the six or seven straight weeks of fishing tournaments I’ll be in.

Okay, on to my Harris Chain results. What do you say about last week?

Everything that the big book of fishing says was supposed to happen didn’t happen. So, everything that we know about Florida and bedfishing is over.
We just have to take the book and throw it out the window. If the conditions are right, they’re gonna move up, and if the conditions aren’t right; they’re gonna move up anyway, it’s that time of year.

That being said, I’m here at the St. John’s River and we’re looking at them. Some of them good, some of them not so good, and some of them are indifferent.

So, our new plan for this week is to catch the good ones. I’m going to put my MotorGuide on high and try to find the best fish I can find. I’m running around the lake with my Yamaha 250 SHO Pro Four Stroke, and I’ve got full confidence in my motor to get me there and back.

I prepared my equipment, and spooled it all up with Daiwa Samurai braid because after looking at the water, I feel like I can get away with it here. The water conditions will allow me to go heavy with all of my Steez rods and reels, so that’s what I’m gonna do.

So, with only Wednesday’s practice day left; it looks like we’re off and running toad another sightfishing tournament. It should be fun; it’s one of the ways I like to fish. But, like I said, take everything we know about the book and throw it out the window.

Last week proved that to me.

Check out for Ish Gear

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Harris Chain is Here

Flippin, Frogs and Flip Flops

WOO HOO, the cold weather is over. No more Beaver Lake; yes I sucked I should have changed baits earlier, because it was a bait change on day two that helped me catch a limit. If I would have changed baits on day one, you never know, I could have caught one extra fish that would have gotten me a check or even two more fish that would have gotten me a $10,000 check; but, that’s the way it goes.

I’m here in sunny Florida, I’m at the Harris Chain getting ready for the first event of the Bassmaster Elite Series 2011 season, and I’ve got to say; I’m pretty happy about it. No more sissy fishing and it’s gonna be fun.

I’m in Florida, and it’s all about Frogs, Flippin’ and braided line; my style of fishing. They’ll be some bed fish, some Flippin’ fish and some topwater fish, there’s pretty much several ways you can go out and catch ‘em down here, so I’m looking forward to it.

I gotta tell you, I’m just happy to out here wearing shorts and flip flops and holding my Daiwa Steez Flippin’ Stick for once; I like that Shorts, Flip Flops, Flippin’ Sticks and Frog Rods, so if we got rid of the shorts, it would be the three F’s. Actually, it could be the four F’s, frogs, frog rods, Flippin’ Sticks and flip flops; that would be fun.

I had a funny thing happen in practice; I was fishing my Snag Proof Phat Frog around some grass, and I got a bite. Well, it turned out to be a big bite, because it turned out to be a little alligator, and it wouldn’t let go of my Phat Frog. I hope I don’t have to deal with too many of those in the tournament.

Practice is over, the meetings are behind us and I can’t wait to get started. Well, that’s it for this week, hopefully things will go well and I’ll have a good long story to tell you about the “W” for next week’s blog.

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Time to go Fishing Again

Classic's Over, Beaver Lake is Here

Well, it was an interesting Classic once again, another one down the drain and another Classic Win for KVD.

I was there working for Ranger, Yamaha, Team Daiwa and I spent a little time with Connie at Snag Proof. After spending three days at the show, one thing I learned at the Classic this year is that I never wanna work another Classic Expo; I’d rather be fishing. But, that’s why they call it fishing and not catching.

I will say this, I’m getting’ fired up about FLW Beaver Lake and I’m sitting here doing some last minute touches on my Ranger / Yamaha SHO and get some tackle together and getting’ really fired up. You know, Beaver Lake’s going to be really interesting.

We had a lot of cold, cold weather the past couple of weeks but, we had a little warming trend right before the practice, and I thought that would trigger those fish to get up in their pre-spawn mode. But, we got another cold front come through and it slowed the bite down again.

Not that it was great before, Practice was terrible, it’s Beaver Lake and my best day of practice was four keepers. I’ve decided that I want to have fun at the FLW events, and do things my way, so I’m gonna pick up a Wiggle Wart and a jerkbait and have fun, so, I’m pretty much fired up and ready to go, you know.

Everything's looking good though, I got all my new Team Bass ADX gear ready for the cold weather. I’ve got new beanies and hoodies ready to keep me warm and I’ll be lookin’ good too, so that’s a positive.

I’m just finishing up some last minute tackle stuff before I have to go the pairing meeting. That’s pretty much it for now, I just really wanna go fishing now, and so until next week I will see you all on the water. Keep following on FLW Outdoors and we’ll see if I can bust a big ol’ sack and get me some big bills in return.


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The First Event is Here

On Site at Lake Okeechobee

Well, I’m in Okeechobee this week and I'm glad to be down here.

Finally got out on to Lake Okeechobee and the weather is really nice. You know typical Florida weather, high 70’s during the day, with high 50’s to low 60’s overnight it's great.

I’m really looking forward to getting up in my boat and have a good time. I spent some of the pre practice time breaking in the new Yamaha 250 SHO motor, and that went really well.

Fishing seems like it's gonna be really good, everybody's gonna have limits because there’s lots of little fish out there right now; you can pretty much catch them any way that you want.

It’s been good to get down here and see all the old friends and stuff. I guess my offseason workout routine was good, because everyone’s telling me how much thinner I got, but I’ve just been telling them it’s my Team Bass ADX gear that makes me look thinner.

I was really happy to be back out here after a long winter and the long drive, you know. Once I got here I shot some video and did some photos and stuff while I was out here, just taking care of business as usual.

We start on Thursday and tomorrow on Wednesday will be G.T.L. day; you know, gym, tanning and laundry day. I’ll wake up in the morning and hit the gym, then maybe out by the pool, but I don't need any more tanning, I'm already tan and get some laundry done.

I’m really ready for Thursday and excited about the first of the tournament year. I can't wait to really kick it off this week, you know I'm looking forward to it; it should be fun.

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Okeechobee Here I come

Headin' East in the Cocoons Rig!

I’ve picked up my Ranger Z521 and Yamaha 250 SHO from Liquid Wraps in Phoenix, Ariz. after they installed my Cocoons wrap, and now I’m headed east; Okeechobee here I come.

I’m caravanning with Brent Ehrler, which makes it nice to have someone to share the miles with. It’s a long way to the other side of the country, and traveling in pairs gives you some backup in case something happens.

We’ve got about three more days ahead of us, and once we get there, I’ll find a body of water to go play on until practice officially opens. I’m getting excited about the tournament season starting, and I want to rip some heads.

Like I said last week, I was at the Sacramento ISE show working for my sponsors, Ranger, Yamaha, Lowrance, Navionics, Daiwa and Team Bass Adx clothing line. My deal there was to work their booths, meet people and take part in the Bass Round Table seminar, as well as do one of my own.

The round table was on Saturday, and the place was packed; The round table was cool, I was up there with National pros, Skeet Reese, Papa Mur (John Murray) and Cody Meyer. Gary Dobyns was there from the west, it’s always interesting to hear his perspective.

They pass the microphone through the audience and ask us questions, we all take our turns answering them. Sometimes the back and forth gets a little heated between us. I think the audience digs it.

Sunday’s crowd; not so much. I know football playoffs were a big deal, but I thought it would be bigger overall, but oh well; I was there to meet and greet. The slow day on Sunday gave me the chance to do some filming for my sponsors, I went into the Lowrance learning center with Tshombe Moore, my local Navionics rep and filmed a whole deal on how to use Navionics features for planning and on the water.

Well, I’m staring at the windshield of my Cocoons rig burning up the miles and the cell phone minutes. When I talk to you next, I’ll be on Okeechobee – Later.

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